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the company

Riyan Haffys | The Design Atelier has garnered acclaim for its meticulous attention to design details and embellishments. Renowned as a boutique led by a visionary fashion designer, our establishment takes pride in its commitment to utilizing the finest textiles and fabrications to craft creations that epitomize the new standard of luxury – characterized by authenticity and an unapologetically unconventional allure.

At the core of our operational philosophy is a traditional business model that places emphasis on performance and the dedicated fulfillment of our customers' and clients' unique requirements. By consistently aligning ourselves with their distinct needs, we aim to not only meet but exceed expectations with each engagement.

Distinguished by their bespoke nature, our creations at Riyan Haffys | The Design Atelier are born out of thoughtful dialogues with our clients. This collaborative process ensures a mutual understanding, resulting in pieces that transcend mere garments to become personalized expressions of style and sophistication.


the team


Riyan Haffys

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Founder & Fashion Designer


Nicholas Jacob

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Studio Operational Manager

(Bridal Advisor)

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Dyla Omar

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Lead Make-Up Artist

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Nana Diyana

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Customer Relations Specialist

(Bridal Advisor)

Achievements & Publications

the designer

From 2006 - Present Day

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