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the company

Riyan Haffys | The Design Atelier is known for its exquisite design details & embellishments. The fashion designer boutique prides itself on working with the finest textiles and fabrications to construct what is known as the new luxury, authentic and unconventional pieces.

Our traditional business model is based on performance and meeting the needs of our customers and clients when they come to us.

Our creations are bespoke, which requires a conversation with the client and leads to a mutual understanding of what they will get out of the pieces from Riyan Haffys | The Design Atelier.


the team


Riyan Haffys

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Founder & Fashion Designer


Nicholas Jacob

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Studio Operational Manager

(Bridal Advisor)

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Shafiq Samil

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Seamstress &
Embellishment Specialist

(Bridal Advisor)

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Dyla Omar

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Lead Make-Up Artist

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Nana Diyana

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Customer Relations Specialist

(Bridal Advisor)

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Adi Rusyaidi

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Groom Stylist 
(Abang Andam)

Achievements & Publications

the designer

From 2006 - Present Day

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